Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Biological Sciences Standard Certification of Biology Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing: Biological Sciences

Mr. Aschenbach


As a fellow parent, I know we all want to know a little about our teachers, so I wanted to take this time to talk about my background.  Here we go!

I graduated from Montclair State University in 2013 with a Bachelor's of Science: Biological Sciences alongside a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing, and now hold a Standard Certificate in teaching for Science.  I have been a Teacher of Science at Barnegat High School since 2015.  For the past few years I have taught Biology and each level of Environmental Science (CP, Honors, and AP).  Outside of BHS I have taught martial arts for the past fourteen years, am a certified instructor, and have obtained the rank of Master, Black Belt, Fourth Degree.  I have studied multiple styles and their unique view on anatomy and physiology, in addition to my prior medical training, is an asset I utilize within my courses which relate to the human body.

During my time at MSU I participated in multiple research opportunities focusing primarily on Cell Culture, Oncology, Virology, and Conservation Biology.  Specifically speaking, I researched the  following:

-Conservation and banding of endangered birds in New Jersey

-Restoration of the American Kestrel

-The use of parasitoid wasps for pest management and crop protection of tomato plants

-Forensic Entomology and how carrion beetles can be utilized to identify the length of exposure for corpses

-Rattlesnake presence in northern New Jersey and acquisition of venom for antivenom creation

-The effects of particulate debris from The World Trade Center on human lung cells and the role of the debris in cancer formation


My current goals at BHS are to build up APES into a highly respected, and competitive, program which prepares students for both college and career.  On a personal level, I intend to continue my own education in the sciences so that I may one day obtain my Ph.D.  I would also like to pursue further research in the use of vermicomposting and Isoptera compositing as alternatives to conventional fertilizers.

On a whole, I am excited to teach all of my courses for this school year!  While I expect a lot from my students and set high standards, I am always willing to help students when they need it.  I encourage students to self-advocate, and because of this, I also require the development of strong communication skills within my student cohorts.  If a student needs help, they just need to ask!  However, keep in mind, your student will have to also have open lines of communication and be open with me about their struggles within my course as well!  While I love to help, you can't help those who will not help themselves.